Will Road Tax Be Abolished For A One Time Payment?

Could road tax be a thing of the past, read on and have your say;

Quite a few, years ago there was a fee created on goods. It had been known as Purchase Tax. You purchased something and its particular cost was increased with the extra charge. Through the years it has transformed into VAT although continuously progressively growing the quantity of duty added. So what on earth? We are all accustomed to government authorities taking a look at new and sly methods for relieving us of a lot more cash so they don‘t have to scale back on the dark chocolate Hobnobs around the Cabinet table.

Among the different ways this is accomplished is usually to charge us motor vehicle excise duty – road tax – to drive a car on the highways. Everybody knows all too well, we fork out for road tax each year. Presently it is dependant on CO² emissions. The much less polluting your vehicle, the much less road tax you have to pay. This was created to get us into modest, thoroughly clean vehicles – regardless of whether we would like to or not – by building charges more and more costly to do otherwise.

Well, now some chaps at a little something known as a ‘think-tank’ have put together yet another wheeze. Rather than pay road tax each year, new vehicle purchasers ought to, in its place, pay a new one-off purchase duty – instead of road tax – according to a vehicle’s pollution levels (along with value added tax, before you decide to ask). The greater polluting the car, the greater you have to pay. Evidently, the current Energy Secretary is now looking into this.

Wait, you may well say, that would not seem to be such an awful idea. Pay out once and that would be that. Well, in the same manner that you’d look suspiciously at the meat pie properly past its sell-by date, pick it up and also have somewhat of a sniff.

For sports and super vehicles purchasing taxes could be enormous. Also, what might happen to used vehicle valuations? Most probably vehicles would still need a document license to use on display for MOT and insurance policy reasons. How could that be backed? You can pick a lot more holes on this ill-considered concept and contact us.

Can doing all this then imply that electric vehicles could be free from this type of road tax fee? Wonderful – or in other words it might be whether it weren’t for that European union ruling saying we should turn off our coal-fired electrical power stations next year, probably leading to power black outs as the remaining system doesn’t cope. Exactly where will electric vehicles be then? Let’s pray that they think this through.