Scrapping The Tax Disc

Ministers consider scrapping the tax disc that have decorated windscreens for nearly a hundred years, would it cut costs and improve services?

A government discussion, provided by the Department for Transport a short while ago, recommended the tax disc might be digitized. Authorities mentioned that police couldn’t now immediately tell by being able to access Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) computer systems whether a vehicle is taxed. This can imply there’s no longer a necessity to exhibit a tax disc as proof on the vehicle dashboard or windscreen.

Approximately there are tax disc presently shown on up to 36 million motor vehicles as evidence that road duty is paid. Motoring organizations referred to the alterations as “the finish of a motoring era” and would split thoughts and opinions amongst the UK`s 44 million motorists and police.

 In the new ideas, even tax disc reminders might before long appear as email messages or text messages instead of documentation in the post, the Daily Mail revealed.

The document component of the driving license, which is connected with the bankcard size photo-card, is very likely to be axed by 2015. The ideas are set out in a new Government discussion document printed yesterday by DFT, which happens to be looking into changing the DVLA, along with the Driving Standards Agency, the automobile Certification Agency and also VOSA “We will eliminate the necessity for needless paper, which includes abolishing the drivers license counter-part and take into account the continuous need for that tax disc,” concluded the statement from Mr. Stephen Hammond, the Roads Minister.

The government has formerly rejected offers to scrap the tax disc. AA Chief executive Edmund King stated, “Traditionalists will grieve the tax disc passing” but included: “Motoring and automobile details are progressively going on the Internet. “The police force use number-plate reading digital camera technologies to check on vehicle particulars by themselves or on the DVLA’s data source.”