Junk In The Vehicle Trunk – Costs Money

Practically 1 / 4 of UK motorists confess to utilizing their vehicle trunk for a long term storage area.

Uk motorists are throwing away petrol by carrying about needless things inside the vehicle trunk.

Almost 1 / 4 (22 %) of British motorists admits to using their vehicle trunk like an everlasting space for storage, with one out of 10 confessing to have never cleaned out their vehicle trunk area. Having this additional weight has an effect on fuel efficiency, which means our vehicles use much more fuel than needed, based on investigation done by YouGov for Shell.

1 / 3 (32%) typically will keep over 5 things inside the vehicle trunk. The leading 5 presently on the roads of the UK are: tools (43%); Wellington boot footwear and open-air clothing (27%); health club bag, sports gear and golf equipment (11%); pushchair/baby apparatus (9%) and numerous pairs of shoes (9%).

75 % of participants stated they’d alter how they drive if this meant they might conserve fuel and lower energy costs.

Quentin Wilson, who is Shell’s FuelSave ambassador, stated: “It’s incredible that a lot of us are carrying unneeded belongings in our boots, which means we’re throwing away fuel and cash each time we drive with un-wanted stuff in the vehicle trunk

As part of the investigation, Shell dispatched Willson to just one of the company’s forecourts to find out precisely what individuals hold on to in their vehicle trunk: see what he discovered <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mjtyAx-3OY&feature=plcp>. see what he found