Basic Wet Weather Driving Tips

Here are a few basic tips for wet weather driving.

Before the barrage of winter season weather in the Christmas time period road security charitable organization the Institute of Advanced Motoring’s primary examiner, Peter Rodger, has introduced some strategies for wet weather driving and using a car in heavy rain.

Even before you get started with wet weather driving a vehicle, Mr Rodger claims you should ensure your car or truck is correctly looked after and perform some fundamental inspections, such as making certain washer liquid is topped up and that windscreen wipers, car tyres and lighting is in great condition and functioning correctly, to assist your wet weather driving.

When you get to the road be careful about your speed and prepare your driving to enable you to brake, speed up and manoeuvre without problems, keeping in mind that the stopping distance ought to be at the very least doubled while wet weather driving, knowing that severe manoeuvres can unbalance the vehicle.

Mr Rodger also cautions that cruise control shouldn’t be employed while wet weather driving, as it might lead to further problems should you begin to aquaplane. His last word of advice is to ensure that you can easily see and also be seen, using the helpful suggestion that you ought to switch on your car headlights every time you should utilize your windscreen wipers. He explained: “There’s practically nothing that can compare with getting to your vehicle while it is raining. It’s a safe place from the elements. But be aware, particularly right after extended dry periods – rainfall on a dry road is precariously slippery.”

Break down cover makes sense all the time of the year, but especially in extreme wet weather driving conditions.